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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shades of Meaning

Shades of Meaning are Similar Words of Increased Degrees of Meaning!  For example the word ecstatic demonstrates a stronger emotion compared to the word  happy as shown in the following sentences:  (1)Jimmy was ecstatic when he got his puppy; (2) Jimmy was happy when he got his puppy.  This is a fun collaborative vocabulary activity to teach/practice shades of meaning.  Supplies needed : mini pocket chart, word strength meter, cards and practice pages! In collaborate groups have children discuss sets of words (five in each set) and have them order the words according to the following degrees of intensity: weak, slight, moderate, substantial and strong and ask them to defend their word order.
Word Strength Meter Resource - Sets of words should be ordered accordingly.
Shades of Meaning Practice Page
Blank (fill in ) Shades of Meaning Practice Page
Shades of Meaning Vocabulary Words - Sets are Colored Coded
Easy Storage - Can be kept in binders

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