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Monday, November 28, 2016

Where is the ch Digraph and What Sound Does it Make?

Sneaky ch Digraph  can make three different sounds: /ch/ as in the word cherries, /k/ as in the word chemist, and occasionally /sh/ as in the word chef.   With these engaging activities, children will have fun learning and practicing the correct ch digraph sound made in various words!
Introduce and practice one sound at a time with Spin Wheels! Words that begin with ch and make /ch/.
 Words that end with ch and make /ch/.
Words that begin with ch and make /k/.
Words that end in ch and make /k/.
To make each spin wheel, cut out both circles.  Place the smaller circle in the center of the larger circle.  Next, place a bracket in the center of both circles so that the larger circle can turn to make different ch words.
Guess My Category - Place one word card in the my category section and one word card in the not my category section.  Continue sorting words into the two categories until students  guess the category.
Use word cards from the first printable above. In partners have one student sort the words and the partner student guess the correct category: /ch/__,  ___/ch/,   /k/___ , ___/k/.
Using the Erasable and Reusable Game Board (earlier post) create a ch digraph game. Shuffle the word cards and place them face down.  Each player draws a card and advances to the closest correct ch digraph sound.  The first player to land on the /ch/__ next to finish wins.  If players run out of cards, shuffle and use them again.
Ch Digraph Video

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