Friday, January 1, 2016

What Word Is It? Substituting, Adding, and Deleting Sounds

As children begin to talk, they learn to manipulate speech sounds to produce words.  Sounds said in the correct order produce desired words. For example, the sounds /p/, /I/, /t / can produce pit or tip depending on the order said. The substitution, addition, or deletion of sounds changes words.  For example, substituting /h/ for /p/ in the word pit makes the word hit, adding /s/ to the word hit makes the word hits, and deleting /h/ in the word hits makes the word its. The example below demonstrates adding a sound to a word (the sound /s/ to the word and).
Substituting Sound Activity- changing (substituting) a beginning sound of a word to make different  words: bug, mug, rug, and hug

Adding Sound Activity- adding a beginning sound to a word to make different words: wing, swing; eat, heat; lap, clap; and, sand; ice, and rice
Deleting Sound Activity - deleting a beginning sound of a word to make different words: swing, wing; bring, ring; slip, lip; dice, ice; flight, light
Clipart from Microsoft Word was used in these activities.  Activities can be done with pictures or objects found around the house. 

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