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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Integration of reading, math, video and fun!

Integration of reading, math, video and fun! 
                        Print two sided pages                                            Cut along dotted line and divide the
                                                                                                          pages between pages 7 &8

  Place page 8-13 behind page 7

                  Staple and place fun chalkboard tape over staples.  Students can then write their names on the tape.
Pages of the book

Integration of reading, math and fun! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Shop: 3 sounds, 4 letters - /sh/ makes one sound

When s joins h they make one sound /sh/.  To help children understand this, I make sound boxes and letter boxes with blue masking tape.  Then, I have children push up a magnet for each letter heard.  Next, I have them write the letters of the sounds they heard.  This multi-sensory activity helps children understand that two letters can make one sound.  This is followed by practice pages and small group instruction sound/letter boxes using cookie sheets and magnets(shown in this post).
Shop has 3 sounds and 4 letters.  In this example /sh/ appears at the beginning of the word.
In this example /sh/ appears at the end of the word.
The student is working on the sound/spelling boxes for the words: shop, ship, fish and dish. Instead of magnets, students are given small markers to push up.
After students push up the markers they make a representation of each marker to show how many sounds they heard in the word.
Permanent marker was used to write the questions and make the boxes. Magnets are used to push up into the boxes for each sound heard. 
Student Practice Pages. Pictures on this page: shop, fish, ship and dish

Pictures - mash, cash. shed and shut

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tree Chart and Writing Activity - I can care for the Earth!

Class Tree Chart - Students brainstormed how they care for the earth.  We voted and three activities were chosen.  They appear on the chart.
Using the chart created, students make their own tree chart.

Another student example
Each student picks at least one activity to complete the writing piece.  We also discussed how these activities help to create a green (environmental) footprint.
Template for the Tree Chart Used as a reference for the writing piece.
Templates to complete the writing piece.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

First Grade Fact Family - Writing Word Problems!

First Grade Fact Family - Writing Word Problems!
A dozen eggs fact family introduction
Student Writing - 6 (part)  + 6 (part) = 12 (whole)
 Student Writing  8 (part) + 4 (part)  =12 (whole)
Part to Whole Poster
Part to Whole Poster

Next Example - Pizza 7(part)  + 5 (part) = 12 (whole)
Part to Whole Examples - Addition

Whole to Part Subtraction

Student drawing
Practice Pages: Fact Family:  7+5 =12, 5 + 7 = 12, 12 - 5 = 7, 12 - 7 = 12

Students need to complete the equations.
Write the equation for each problem.

More practice with 12 slices of pizza!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Differentiated Phonics Instruction/Practice/Review

A great way to meet the varied needs of your students:  different sorters to provide all students with needed practice: (1) number of syllables,
 (2) compound words, (3) short and long vowels, (4) digraphs and (5) ending sounds.
Needed for this activity are the printable sorter mats and stickers.  Pictures are included at the end of  this post if you do not have stickers. Three examples are shown below.  More follow -
 Student examples - 2 syllable words sorted according word type - compound word, not a compound word.  Pictures include rainbow, eggplant, airplane, newspaper, football, carrot, zebra, paddle, rabbit, honey, zipper, apple, sandwich and monkey.
Words sorted according to where the /ch/ sound is heard- beginning or ending of a word.  Pictures include: chicken, cheese, chips, chocolate milk, chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies, cherry seltzer, sandwich, watch and lunch.
Pictures are sorted according to the short vowel or long vowel sound (s) heard.
 .  Pictures include: pumpkin, bus, dress, egg, fox, fish, igloo, octopus, grapes, ice-cream, rainbow, x-ray, kite, yo-yo and tea.
Pictures are sorted accorded to their ending sound.  Pictures include yarn, pumpkin, lemon, queen, crane, watermelon, net, donut, vest, bat, rabbit and carrot.
Sorter mats to print

Pictures to use instead of stickers