Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vowels - Super Heroes to the Rescue!

Vowel Twins ARE HERE - Classroom Lesson
  Meet the fun vowel characters needed to make words.
Vowels are the Glue that Hold Words Together! Meet Abby, Amy, Eddie, Ethan, Izzy, Irene,
Oliver, Odus, Udele and Unos
These are the Short Vowel Super Heroes!
Words Made with Short Vowels

Practice Paper
These are the Long Vowel Super Heroes!

Words Made with Long Vowels
Practice Page

Crossword Puzzle

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Irregular Plurals Refernce Charts, Practice Pages and Video!

What do the words - sheep, wolves, people and teeth have in common? Yes, they are all irregular plurals. Take the challenge and correctly fill in the blanks!
Four Different Types of Irregular Plurals!
Singular and Plural Words That Stay the Same
Ending Sound Changes
Middle Sound Changes
Whole Word Changes Practice Page
Choose the Correct Word For Each Sentence Practice Page
Crossword Puzzle
Show Video and Pause to Discuss!