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Sunday, August 21, 2016

6 Syllable Types - Free Resources and Activities

As children become readers they will read words with multi- syllables.  Knowing that each syllable has a vowel sound will help children with reading. Begin by introducing open and closed syllables.  Next, introduce vowel-consonant-silent-e and vowel combination syllables.  End with vowel-r and consonant l-e syllables. 
Types of Syllables Chart:

Types of Syllables Chart:
Overview Chart - All 6 Types of Syllables:
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Open or Closed?
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Silent e or Vowel Combination?
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Vowel-r or Consonant l-e?
Match the Words to the Correct Syllables
Cloze Activity:  Fill in the Blanks Using the Word Bank
You need  $1.00 beach balls and a marking pen to play syllable toss. A highly engaging activity to review the six types of syllables.  Toss the ball(s) around the classroom and have students name words with the syllable types landed on -  consonant-le: apple and so on! Have Fun!

Lesson Demonstration

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