Monday, June 20, 2016

Promote Five Skills in One Fun Activity

This activity promotes five skills: listening, following directions, identifying colors, identifying shapes and identifying position words. In the example below the child was asked to place the blue bear on the yellow circle.  Then place the yellow bear on the green square next to the blue bear and the red bear on the red circle behind the yellow bear. If the child is successful continue -  place a yellow bear on the blue circle in front of the blue bear.....  An option is to have the child then give the directions.
Many objects can be used for this activity.

To make the mat, cut out several shapes in different colors and paste on an expanded file folder and laminate.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Fishing We Will Go!

A Fishing We Will Go Is a fun learning activity for summer!  A deck of word cards is provided for each reading activity of increasing skill difficulty: letter recognition, word endings, syllabication…  The game played is determined by children’s current skill level.  Players take turns selecting a card from the deck.  They then must go fishing for the two fish that make the match.  If they are correct they keep the two fish and the word card.  If they aren’t correct they must return the fish to the water (blue tag board) and place word card back into the deck.  The player with the most fish wins the game.
Below is an example of the onset and rime activity.  The player has selected the word card - top.  The player must then correctly select the fish with the onset and a second fish with the rime.
Below is a list of items that are needed for the activities.  This is followed by instructions, templates for word cards and fish patterns.
Instructions for making the fish
Word card lists for the three examples: Letter Match, Onset and Rimes and Syllables
Word Cards for Letter Match
Word Card for Onset and Rimes Match
Word Cards for Syllable Match
Fish Patterns
Onset and Rime Video with additional lists
Syllabication of Words with Double Letters