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Thursday, August 10, 2017

4 activities using Hula Hoops as Venn Diagrams - So Fun!

4 activities using Hula Hoops as Venn Diagrams - So Fun!  In our first example, categories were determined for students: school and home. Depending on the age of the students,  categories may be decided by the students.
This activity was determined by the students.  They decided to label and categorize the middle loop as needs of both.  They had to defend many of their illustrations in the center.  They explained that the house represented shelter, the girl eating symbolized food and the umbrella represented water - all things needed by animals and people.
In this activity, students categorized vegetables and fruit.  The center category was food that was sometimes referred to as a vegetable and sometimes referred to as a fruit. They did a google search to prove this.  Since cheese, eggs, ice - cream and doughnuts are neither vegetables nor fruits they were placed outside of the Venn diagram (not my categories).
This activity was more difficult.  Students had to identify nouns, verbs and words that could be used as both.  For example:  The children watched a play (noun).  Can you play (verb) with the cars?
For struggling students. below is a video with activities that parents can do at home with their children.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Metaphors - Vocabulary Fun!

Metaphors - comparisons of two different things.   Metaphors make comparisons without using the words "like" or "as".



Practice Worksheet

Monday, August 7, 2017

First Days of First Grade

Fun Introductory, Reviewing, Engaging Activities for First Grade!
 First Day of First Grade Activity
 Student Sample demonstrating the information gathered from this activity: penmanship, small motor skills, letter knowledge, counting and awareness of age and transportation.
 Graphing the number of letters in students' names activity.
 Sorting Activity:  I came to school by bike, car, bus or foot.  Templates to complete the sorting activity are located on this post.
 Student Sample:  Extension Activity - Combining Knowledge
 Template for activity
 Templates for sorting activity.

 Not Just An Art Project
Template for Art Project

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Adjectives to describe people, animals, places, things and ideas!

Fun with words that describe people, animals, places, things and ideas! Yes, we are talking about adjectives.

Adjectives to describe an idea - friendship.
Adjectives to describe a thing - backpack.
Adjectives to describe  a thing and an animal (bears).
Adjectives to describe a thing - sunflower.
Adjectives to describe an animal - butterfly
Adjectives to describe a place -  park.
Adjectives to  describe  things: grill, helmet, ice-cream cone, and schedule. 
Adjectives to describe a person - child
Adjectives to describe a thing - treasure chest.
Adjectives to describe an idea - pride.
Classroom Activities - Brainstorm lists
Play video to review adjectives and see examples of fun activities.