Friday, March 30, 2018

Soft g sound - Meet Sedge, the Hedgehog and Angie the Giraffe

Soft g
The letters ge. dge. gi and gy make the soft g sound heard in hedge.  The sound differs from the hard g sound heard in hog.  Meet Sedge, the hedgehog.  Say the words: hedge, hog and then hedgehog.  As students listen to the words they will learn to discriminate between the sounds produced.  Next, have students say the words aloud and then have focus on their mouths as they produce the different sounds.

The story of Sedge, the hedgehog, and Angie, the giraffe
Have children sort soft g words according to their spellings
Soft g words to sort
Comprehension Check

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Self Correcting Digraph Center - RTI

Self Correcting Digraph Center
Picture /Word Cards - The front side displays the picture and the backside displays the word.  In this example, cards were printed twice so (1) students could reference pictures while building the words with magnetic letters and (2) to check their spelling referencing the words while still viewing the pictures.   For students who don't need as much practice print one 2-sided card so(1) students build the word referencing the picture side and (2)  view the backside to check their spelling and make corrections when needed.
Front of card.  Students make the /sh/ digraph words displayed on the picture cards: shed, cash, rush and dash.
Back of Picture Card.  Once children have spelled the words with magnetic letters, they turn the cards over to check their spelling.  To make 2 sided cards print on both sides using the flip pages on short edge.

Additional 2 Sided Cards

Monday, March 19, 2018

RTI lessons to reteach / reinforce knowledge of digraph /sh/ using a magnetic cookie sheet, magnetic container and magnetic letters

Children reference pictures and use magnet letters - blue (consonants) and red (vowels) to make /sh/ digraph words and short vowel /i/.
Children reference pictures and use magnet letters - blue (consonants) and red (vowels) to make /sh/ digraph words -with  short vowel letters - /i/, /o/ or  /u/.
Reference cards and digraph /sh/ cards
Printable reference cards
Printable reference pictures: dish, fish, ship and shot 
Printable  reference pictures: shop, wish, shut 
Fill in the blank practice paper
 Decoding Detective Certificate

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Categorizing Activities - Comprehension

Picture was projected on the ELMO and students brainstormed what they saw
List of words generated by students
Next, we organized the words by alphabetical order.  As we listed the words in the next picture, we placed a round magnet next to them to ensure all words were included.
Next, we categorized the words according to same and different.  We circled the words that were the same for all animals.  We put an x next to those that weren't.
Same, Different
Different Categories
Prior activity - I started with just the circle.  Next, I wrote the names of books and then hands started going up - students recognized the titles and  knew the category was Dr. Seuss Books,  Next, I drew the illustration
Student example


Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Home for Holiday Hare

A Home for Holiday Hare
Kids are learning to recognize nouns (hope,
home, hare, Herbie, Heather, hugs), verbs (hid, hoped, heard, happened, has, hopped, hugged), adjectives (Holiday, Happy, hungry) and possessive adjective (his, her).