Sunday, August 21, 2016

6 Syllable Types - Free Resources and Activities

As children become readers they will read words with multi- syllables.  Knowing that each syllable has a vowel sound will help children with reading. Begin by introducing open and closed syllables.  Next, introduce vowel-consonant-silent-e and vowel combination syllables.  End with vowel-r and consonant l-e syllables. 
Types of Syllables Chart:

Types of Syllables Chart:
Overview Chart - All 6 Types of Syllables:
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Open or Closed?
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Silent e or Vowel Combination?
Activity: Name the Type of Syllables - Vowel-r or Consonant l-e?
Match the Words to the Correct Syllables
Cloze Activity:  Fill in the Blanks Using the Word Bank
You need  $1.00 beach balls and a marking pen to play syllable toss. A highly engaging activity to review the six types of syllables.  Toss the ball(s) around the classroom and have students name words with the syllable types landed on -  consonant-le: apple and so on! Have Fun!

Lesson Demonstration

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Using Pictures and Clues to Identify and Read Words

A great activity to teach children about print awareness - letters make words, words make sentences and sentences tell something. Children will have fun identifying words from given clues.
Place 3 word/picture cards in the pocket chart.  Without reading the words, talk about their characteristics: count the letters in each word, name the beginning letter and the ending letter of each word.  Also, remind children that each word represents the picture shown on the card. Next, provide clues for children and have them identify the correct word/picture card.  For example - Say: I am reading a word that has 4 letters, is an animal and ends with the letter n. What word am I reading?
Have children complete the sentence with the correct word. Have children look at the clues.  The word begins with the letter b, has 4 letters and ends with the letter d.  What word is it?

Repeat the steps above and then have children complete the sentence with the correct word. 
Word/Picture Match
Have children match words to pictures.
Hunting for Words - Have children find and circle words that follow the clues given.  in this example the clues were to circle all words that have four letters and begin with the letter s.
Activity Demonstration