Monday, November 28, 2016

Where is the ch Digraph and What Sound Does it Make?

Sneaky ch Digraph  can make three different sounds: /ch/ as in the word cherries, /k/ as in the word chemist, and occasionally /sh/ as in the word chef.   With these engaging activities, children will have fun learning and practicing the correct ch digraph sound made in various words!
Introduce and practice one sound at a time with Spin Wheels! Words that begin with ch and make /ch/.
 Words that end with ch and make /ch/.
Words that begin with ch and make /k/.
Words that end in ch and make /k/.
To make each spin wheel, cut out both circles.  Place the smaller circle in the center of the larger circle.  Next, place a bracket in the center of both circles so that the larger circle can turn to make different ch words.
Guess My Category - Place one word card in the my category section and one word card in the not my category section.  Continue sorting words into the two categories until students  guess the category.
Use word cards from the first printable above. In partners have one student sort the words and the partner student guess the correct category: /ch/__,  ___/ch/,   /k/___ , ___/k/.
Using the Erasable and Reusable Game Board (earlier post) create a ch digraph game. Shuffle the word cards and place them face down.  Each player draws a card and advances to the closest correct ch digraph sound.  The first player to land on the /ch/__ next to finish wins.  If players run out of cards, shuffle and use them again.
Ch Digraph Video

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Erasable and Reusable Game Board to Practice Skills and Concepts Taught!

This is fabulous - an erasable, reusable game board.  The game board is an excellent way to reinforce skills and concepts taught.  Another option is to have students label the spaces on the game board.  In order for them to label the spaces, they need to have an understanding of the skill or concept being practiced. The board is easy to make.  The steps and game examples are shown below.

Make a template to fit the size of poster board you select to use.  Next, fill in the spaces with construction paper.  Make the board colorful and fun!

Once the spaces are covered, laminate the game board.  Next, add the spinner.  Use Velcro so that you can change spinners or use dice.

To include game cards, print labels and place them on index cards.

A game to practice the long /i/ sound.  Each player begins with six cards.  Each player takes a spin and moves to that space.  If the player has a card that matches the /i/ pattern she/he stays on the space.  If the player does not have a card she/he cannot move and must pull a card from the deck.  The first player to make it around the board and into the center wins!

We changed the game to practice antonyms.
We changed the game to practice prefixes.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Research Activities - Learning About Owls! Technology and Language Arts

Research Activities  - Learning About Owls.  Activities include concept development, categorizing cumulating in a video demonstrating children's knowledge!  Open ended writing printables are provided with and without sentence frames.
Second Sentence Frame 
Third Sentence Frame
Open Ended Writing Template
Concept Development - Have children brainstorm and list what they have learned about owls!
Next, create a class chart.  Organize the information into categories: are, have, can! Below are the templates for the chart: large picture of owls, leaves and printed labels. 
Children will fill in their own chart.
Blank template for children
Labels that are put on the leaves
Leaf  templates

Video - Children Demonstrate What They Have Learned

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Resources to Teach Inverse Operations Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Word problems involve both math and reading! Automaticity of math facts, understanding of mathematical concepts and reading ability are all needed skills to solve word problems.  Multiplication and division are often difficult concepts for children. I have found success with the following resources shared in this post: math multiplication/division circles, graphing chart with pictures/manipulatives and inverse operation cards
Math Multiplication/Division Circles
Have Children Use the Multiplication / Division Circles to Complete the Equations.
More Practice with Solving Equations.
Use template to Create More Inverse Operation Circles

Example of Solving A Word Problem

Solving Word Problems Practice Page - Use with Graph Chart and Pictures Provided Below or Manipulatives.
Graph Chart to Use for Solving Word Problems

Print on Tag Board and Use with Chart Graph Paper

Additional Support: Review Operations With Math Inverse Operation Cards.