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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Resources to Teach Inverse Operations Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Word problems involve both math and reading! Automaticity of math facts, understanding of mathematical concepts and reading ability are all needed skills to solve word problems.  Multiplication and division are often difficult concepts for children. I have found success with the following resources shared in this post: math multiplication/division circles, graphing chart with pictures/manipulatives and inverse operation cards
Math Multiplication/Division Circles
Have Children Use the Multiplication / Division Circles to Complete the Equations.
More Practice with Solving Equations.
Use template to Create More Inverse Operation Circles

Example of Solving A Word Problem

Solving Word Problems Practice Page - Use with Graph Chart and Pictures Provided Below or Manipulatives.
Graph Chart to Use for Solving Word Problems

Print on Tag Board and Use with Chart Graph Paper

Additional Support: Review Operations With Math Inverse Operation Cards.

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