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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Alphabet Fun on the GO!

Create Felt Lacing Letters.  Use Die Cuts to make felt letters.  Next, use a hole punch made for fabric to punch holes in the letters.  Next. place colored laces and letters in a colorful pencil pouch -Now you have created on the go fun!   Children will love lacing letters. learning consonants and vowels and creating words.
We used M and E die cuts.  We used green felt for all consonants and yellow for all vowels.  We punched holes for stitching letter formation.
Have children lace the felt letters.
A is in yellow felt because it is a vowel.
Next, have children lace the letters and spell/make words.  With green consonants and yellow vowels children will begin to notice that words need to have a vowel, and eventually that every syllable needs to have a vowel or vowel sound,  Place the letters and laces in a pencil pouch, zip up and take!  Children will have learning fun on the go!
Have children identify the letters of the alphabet with automatic!
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