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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thinking Bubbles - What Concept?

Thinking Bubble Mats are a great way to teach concept development, a needed cognitive skill, the understanding of how things are related.   Below we used pictures that are frequently used in everyday life to promote picture/vocabulary association.
School Concept: pictures include glue, the abc(s), pencils, a book, crayons, and a backpack. The mat and all pictures are provided in this post.  We laminated the mat and the pictures.  Next, we placed Velcro on the mat and the backs of the pictures.  We keep all materials organized in a binder.  The mat is placed in a binder sleeve. Each set of concept pictures are kept in a separate pencil pouch with punched holes to place in the binder (shown below).  Great Lesson, Easy Storage, Easy Organization!
Sports Concept: pictures include a soccer ball, football, tennis ball, basketball, baseball field and football helmet.
Flying Concept: pictures include a plane, butterfly, bat, eagle, duck and a bird.
Nature Concept: pictures include a tree, a flower, a leaf, a cactus, a landscape and a butterfly.
The materials are organized in a binder.  The School Concept is shown below.  Pictures are kept in the hole punched pencil pouch.  There are several pencil pouches behind this pouch for each concept.  The mat is in a binder sleeve.  Great Lesson, Easy Storage, Easy Organization!
Velcro is placed on the mat and on the back of each picture for placement of the pictures.

Mat Printable
School and Sports Picture Printable
Flying and Nature Picture Printable
An introduction to categorizing concepts