Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yes, More Sneaky Letters!

Yes, More Sneaky Letters!
Igh is a team that makes the long i sound.

Ou is a vowel team that makes different sounds.  When the word is unknown the reader will need to use the context to help them determine the word. 
Ow is a vowel team that can makes either the ow sound as in cow or the long o sound as in snow when the team appears at the end of a root word or before a final l or n.  In reading an unknown word, the reader should try both sounds to determine what makes sense.
Y can be a vowel or a consonant.  Y sounds like long e when it is at the end of a word or is part of a suffix: funny, happily. Y sounds like long i when it is the only vowel in the root of the word, and is the very last letter of the word: cry, try.  Y sounds like short i when it is within a syllable: gym, symbol. Y becomes a consonant when it occurs at the beginning of a word or syllable.  It makes the y sound: yes, canyon.

Sorting Mat for ou

Word Cards for Sorting Activity ou
Sorting Mat for ow

Word Cards for Activity ow
Sorting Mat for y

Word Cards for Activity y

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Teaching Word Patterns

Letter Trays and Letters - blue represents consonants, yellow represents vowels and green represents the letter y that can be either a consonant or a vowel. Implement today with word cards and short and long word printables! Extend activity to include other word patterns.
Add a silent e and change the sound of the first verb from short to long.  Now the verb says its name! This is a multi-sensory approach to teach phonics: picture word support (visual), placing the beads on the letters and moving the letter cards to make the correct words - kinesthetic (movement/touch), and reading the words aloud (auditory). 
Short and long vowel a words
Printable short and long vowel a words
Printable short and long vowel i words
Printable letter cards

Video - Sorting short and long vowel words

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sneaky letters that make more than one sound

Sneaky consonant letters are letters that make different sounds- Helpful hints will help children know what sound the letter(s) make and  help them correctly decode and read unknown words.
Let's look at sneaky letters: c, g, ed, s, ph, and kn

The letter c can make the k sound and the s sound.  The letter g can make the g sound and the j sound.
The letters ed can make the d sound, the id sound and the t sound.  The letter s can make the s sound and the z sound.
Helpful hints to make the correct sound for the sneaky letters ed.
Helpful hint to make the correct sound for the letter s
More sneaky letters. The letters ph make the f sound.  The letters kn make the n sound
Sneaky Letter Bingo Fun!

Sneaky letter bingo cards for the letter c.
Sneaky letter bingo cards for the sneaky letter g.

Bingo Words for Bingo Cards c and g.
Sneaky letter bingo cards for the letters ed
Letter Cards for sneaky letters ed.
Video Explaining Sneaky Letters and Additional Bingo Cards

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Name that Syllabication Rule: Words with Double Consonants

Teach children the syllabication rules for dividing words with double consonants: waffle, puppy, egg, dinner, Teddy, soccer, carrot, and hammer.
Each syllable consists of one vowel sound.  The sound may be produced by a single vowel:  bell, puppy or it may be produced by a vowel pair: succeed, balloon. 

Teach/Review the  VCCV  (Vowel-Consonant-Consonant-Vowel)  rule with students.
Have children practice the rule with the following words.
There are many one syllable words that end in double consonants.
Have children practice the rules with the following words.

Additional rule: When double consonants are followed by le divide syllables between the consonants. 
Have children practice the rules with the following words.
Words used in practice activities and in video activities (name that rule).
Additional activity pages and activities can be viewed in the video.  Video is fun to watch with children and can be paused to discuss the rules and how they apply to words.