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Monday, July 10, 2017

Ten Letter Scramble!

A great game to emphasize that all one syllable words consist of one vowel, one vowel pair, one r-controlled vowel or one vowel and a silent e.

The game consists of 10 letter cubes and a timer.  The  cubes are spread out with each player given one minute to use all the cubes to make words.  If all cubes are used the player receives 2 points for each vowel and 1 point for each consonant used. No points are given when the player has unused cubes.  First player to earn 50 points wins!

In the first example, all cubes were used.  The total score was 14.  There are two words (no, test) that have one vowel and one word that has a vowel and a silent e (make).  The second example has two words that have one vowel (fog, dig).  A third word (moon) has a vowel pair.
One word with one letter (vowel), followed by consonant, vowel; consonant, vowel pair; and a consonant, vowel pair, consonant.
The next example includes an r-controlled vowel  (park).

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Games to Help Kids Distinguish Short from Long Initial Vowel Sounds

Games to Help Kids Distinguish Short from Long Initial Vowel Sounds. 
Prior to playing bingo and /or using the board game, review the pictures / words and their initial sounds with children in the chart below. 
Below are 10 different Sound Spelling Bingo Cards using the pictures in the above chart. There is also a template with the cards to select (short and long vowel cards).  For example, if the
short o card is selected, any student who has one of the following pictures (owls, olive or octagon) is to place a chip on it.   
Sound Spelling Bingo Cards 3 and 4.
Sound Spelling Bingo Cards 5 and 6.
Sound Spelling Bingo Cards 7 and 8.
Sound Spelling Bingo Cards 9 and 10.
These are the selection cards used during the game.  Once a card is selected,  children place their chips on the pictures that correspond with the initial vowel.  The card is then placed back in the pile.
Initial Vowel Game board.  Students take turns rolling the dice, counting the spaces rolled and placing counters on those spaces.  Once on the space, the student has to say a word that begins with the initial vowel sound listed on that space.  If the player provides a correct word, he/she can stay on the space.  If not, the player will have to return to the previous space.  The first player to reach the winner space -  wins!
Super Heroes Video.  Meet the cast.  Their names all begin with a short or long vowel: Abby, Amy, Eddie, Ethan, Izzy, Irene, Oliver, Odus, Udele, and Unus.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Parent Guide to Reading Progress K-2 Back To School Night

Great Handout For Back to School Night!
Phonological Awareness
Word Recognition
Word Recognition
Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Additional Support For Parents