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Monday, July 10, 2017

Ten Letter Scramble!

A great game to emphasize that all one syllable words consist of one vowel, one vowel pair, one r-controlled vowel or one vowel and a silent e.

The game consists of 10 letter cubes and a timer.  The  cubes are spread out with each player given one minute to use all the cubes to make words.  If all cubes are used the player receives 2 points for each vowel and 1 point for each consonant used. No points are given when the player has unused cubes.  First player to earn 50 points wins!

In the first example, all cubes were used.  The total score was 14.  There are two words (no, test) that have one vowel and one word that has a vowel and a silent e (make).  The second example has two words that have one vowel (fog, dig).  A third word (moon) has a vowel pair.
One word with one letter (vowel), followed by consonant, vowel; consonant, vowel pair; and a consonant, vowel pair, consonant.
The next example includes an r-controlled vowel  (park).

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