Sunday, January 3, 2016

Building Sentences: articles, nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives

Fun activities to practice articles (words that define nouns – a, an, the), nouns (words that name people, places, or things), verbs (words that show action), adverbs (words that describe verbs) and adjectives (words that describe nouns).  Children will move from simple sentences to more complex sentences encountered in their reading and writing.  As a class, have volunteers build sentences using post its of different colors.  Next, have student work in partners or individually to complete  practice papers. The first two practice papers focus on specific sentences using adverbs and then adjectives (increasing in difficulty). These activities take place over several days or weeks.
Begin with practice sheet- building sentences with adverbs.  The numbers will help guide students in what type of word is needed. 
Next, building sentences with adjectives

Finally, building sentences with both adverbs and adjectives

Individual - small group additional support and practice using a pocket chart, picture cards and word cards. The type of word is written on the back of each card to support student self-checking.

Children will have fun building sentences with DK Silly Sentences  colored coded puzzle pieces: yellow - articles, orange -nouns, blue-adjectives, green-verbs, pink-prepositions, and purple- periods. Use this activity to introduce prepositions!

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