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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Learning Center in A Mini / Store Binder!

Mini Learning Centers - Using a 5 1/2"  by 8 1/2"  mini binder,  felt sheets, Velcro, and word cards. 
Cut the Felt Sheets to fit into the binder and punch three holes on the left side of each sheet and place them in the binder.  Next, place sticky Velcro strips on each felt sheet.  Finally, make word cards and place Velcro on the back of each word card. Now the learning begins! Students can practice everything from making sentences, alphabetizing words, sorting words ..........
Students make sentences that include adjectives: I like to eat - hot soup, yummy cake, sweet cake, cheese pizza.
Students change a word to change the sentence.
Students place words in alphabetical order.
Students sort words according to the sound and/or placement of the ch digraph.

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