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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Multiplication Hack - Turn the Struggle into Fun

Multiplication Game to teach multiplication facts!  Turn the struggle into fun at home and school! First player to roll, make and solve 10 different multiplication problems WINS!
Cards with Matching Colored Cubes withTemplates Below - Using the Two Numbers Rolled, Students Are to Make Multiplication Equations
Make  Cubes of Different Colors!  Vary the Color and Difficulty of Equations with the Numbers You Write on the Cubes
Additional Hands On Activity - Students Demonstrate with Apples and Shopping Bags What the Equation 20 X 11 Means!
Completed Multiplication Problem/Bulletin Board - Completed by the Students Demonstrating the Equation 20 X 11
Pre-made Chart To Introduce To Students
Independent Practice Sheets for Students
A Second Practice Sheet
Templates For Game Cards and Dice

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