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Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Cupcake Mix & Match - Promotes Cognitive Development!

Cupcake Mix & Match - Create a Felt Board, and Matching Felt Cupcake Bottoms and Tops.  Next, mix them up and have children create matching pairs.

Design matching pairs in which the tops and bottoms can be changed.  This activity is designed to challenge children in making numerous cupcake matches.

Materials Needed: Stiff Felt Sheets in Varied Bright Colors and Template (on this Post )- Using the Template cut out different colored bottoms and tops.  It is important to make matching pairs so that they can be matched.  Next, place felt stickers purchased at any craft store on the tops of the cupcakes.  Again, make sure there are matching pairs.

DIY Felt Board
Cupcake Template
Additional Activity - Patterning

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