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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making Icosahedrons - Learning Resources

Combining Geometry with Reading!  What a Find!  I am always on the hunt for highly engaging learning activities!  I found Customizable Icosahedron by Teaching Tree at the Dollar Store! The activity contains 20 blank triangles.
To create the Word Family Icosahedron, I cut out the triangles, drew the pictures, and folded each triangle along the dotted lines.  Then I placed the triangles into 3 rows and glued them together.  Next, I took the middle row and glued the two end tabs together creating a circle!
Success!  I then tucked in and glued each tab to make a Word Family Icosahedron!  Children love reading the Icosahedron and saying words that belong to each  word family.  They also like to count the sides and  talk about the shape.
With older children, I had students select a part of speech or a phonics rule and demonstrate its meaning on a triangle. 
Next, the children folded the triangles, put them in rows and glued them together!
They created an impressive  Icosahedron!

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