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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Independent Reading Level

Children are reading on their Independent Reading Level when Text difficulty is correctly matched to their current reading level ability.  Text difficulty depends on several characteristics: word frequency, text structure, vocabulary knowledge, text layout and text features, illustrations, diagrams, captions...  Below are some sample selections of increasing text difficulty. 
Samples increasing in difficulty

Running records are given by teachers to assess students’ current reading level.  As students read aloud, teachers record the number of words read per minute minus the number of errors made to determine the number of words read correctly. Running records are used to measure students' reading accuracy, automaticity, and prosody. After the timed read, students are asked a series of questions to measure their comprehension.  Accuracy, automaticity, prosody, and comprehension are all considered when determining a student's current reading ability.
Fluency = Accuracy, Automaticity, and Prosody Chart
Below is an overview and demonstration activity video of a running record
Text Difficulty Chart to assist in book selection 

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