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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Activities to Practice Differentiating Sounds Heard In Words

Beginning Sound Sort - Provide a cupcake pan for sorting.  Begin by using 3 tins, gradually increasing to 6.  Place pictures of items that have different beginning sounds into each tin. Say each word: bike, heart, and sun. Next, provide several items and/or pictures that begin with the three sounds.  Have children sort the items/pictures according to their beginning sounds.
Sound Boxes -  Promotes one to one correspondence with the individual sounds heard in a word.  Begin with consonant vowel consonant words such as dog, cat, mat,  (three letters represented by three sounds heard).  Draw three boxes.  Say the word - dog, repeat the word - dog so that children can hear each sound in the word.  As they listen, children are to push up a counter for each sound heard.   As they become familiar with the activity increase the boxes.  For example draw four boxes, and say a variety of words that differ from one sound to four sounds: I, a, me, dog, cats, dogs......
Demonstration Video
How many sounds heard  Have children sort pictures according to the number of sounds heard.  This increases in difficulty since a sound may be represented by more than one letter.  For example a vowel combination, two letters, represents one sound as in the word train.  Five letters are represented by four sounds: /t/, /r/, /ai/, /n/.

Hearing Sounds in Words Video
Template for CVC Sound Boxes
Beginning Sound Template can used instead of cupcake tins.  Have children sort pictures according to the beginning sounds of the shapes shown: star, triangle, diamond and heart. Provide items and/or pictures that begin with the sounds: /s/, /t/, /d/ and /h/.

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