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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Themed Flip books and Storyboard

Creativity for Emergent Readers - Flip Books, Science and Story Boards -  Materials used: 12 in by 12 in Design Craft Sheets and Foam Animals and Equipment.
Below is our first flip book:  On Our Farm
First Page:  We have sheep and cows.
Second Page:  We have chickens and horses.
Third Page:  This is our farm.
We store foam pieces by theme.
Second flip book: What Do Farm Animals Give Us?
First page:  Chickens give us eggs.
Second page:  Cows give us milk and cheese.
Third page: Sheep give us wool.

One More Activity - On The Farm Story Board - Template Below
Children place the foam pieces on the story board and discuss what is happening
All of the above activities can be stored in plastic hanging folders

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  1. When I as working with 2-4yr olds the loved story boards. This was nice