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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Effective - Educational Time Fillers - We have all had an extra 5-10 minutes

We have all had an extra 5-10 minutes - Take advantage and reinforce reading/language skills!
Before having children find the long e sounds/e/,/ea/ and /ee/, write the following sentences on the white board.  Remind children that different letter spellings can make the long e sound.  Have children place a specific colored magnetic marker (red, green or blue)  under each type of spelling as shown above.
Same activity, different vowel:  Find the spellings that make the long i vowel sound -
I, y, i consonant e,
This activity is open ended and can be adapted focusing on skills taught K-5. Below is an example that will be used for several activities: nouns, verbs and pronouns.
Identify all nouns by placing a round red magnetic circle under each noun.

Identify all pronouns by placing a round red magnetic circles under each pronoun.
Identify all verbs by placing a round magnetic circle under each of them.
Magnetic Markers (created with magnetic tape), Decorative Tape, White Board and Expo Pen -Create! Create! Create!
Jeopardy Phonics Game

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