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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Topic and Main Idea

Fun and engaging activities to introduce Topic and Main Idea to students .  These two elements are often confusing and difficult for children to differentiate. This bulletin board was our cumulative project of studying topic and main idea. Activities are shared below.
Reference Chart used in following activities
The lesson was introduced with the following work sheets to help students build an understanding of main idea by determining what the four words have in common

 Next, students were asked to find words that explained the Main Idea. In the example below seeds, petals, stems and roots are all parts of flowers.  Then they listed words that explained the main idea, a school environment, with a bus, book, board and kids.
We talked about the pictures below and determined that they were types of transportation

Next, we read the following passage and determined the topic and main idea. We highlighted the area that explained the most important idea, many types of transportation, of the topic - determined to be travel. Next, students underlined the types of transportation.
Printable worksheet that was used in the lesson
Printable worksheet that was used in the lesson

The passage used in the lesson
 The same paragraph that is ready for use by students
A blank template to create your own passage
Additional templates and modeled lesson

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