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Sunday, September 25, 2016

What? Yes, when r follows a vowel, r changes the vowel sound - R-controlled vowels!

As children become readers, they will decode many words with r-controlled vowels. When a vowel is followed by an r, the r changes the sound of the vowel. An r-controlled vowel is neither short or long.  For example, in the word cat the vowel is short (consonant, vowel, consonant).  When the vowel is followed by an r, the combination ar,  produces a new sound /ar/ as in cart (consonant, r-controlled vowel, consonant). 

Introduce r-controlled vowels one at a time using vowel cards.  Explain  when a vowel is followed by an r, the r changes the vowel sound. The letters join together to make one new sound. Have children reference the vowel cards below to read words.

Begin by introducing the /ar/ controlled vowel.  While running your finger along the arrow have children make the /ar/ sound.
Introduce addition r-controlled vowels: er, ir, or and ur
Have children sort words according to the position of their r-controlled vowel - Beginning, Middle or End?
Word Cards for Where do you hear the sound?
Say each picture with children- cart, Bert and sports. Provide several word cards for three different sounding r-controlled vowels. Mix up the cards and then have children read them and sort them according to their r-controlled vowels. Word cards used for this activity include: artist, start, garden, star, fern, herd, her, term, born, torn, corn and order.  Find them below.
Cards for sorting activity

Extended Fun Activities
Bingo Game - R controlled vowels
Demonstration Video

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  1. Thank you SO much for offering these excellent pronounciation resources!