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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sight Word Assessment and Practice

There are 11 sight word lists, 20 words per list.  List one is usually introduced in kindergarten, lists two through five in first grade with the remaining lists taught in second grade and possibly third grade.

To assess, have children read leveled lists of flash cards and circle words read incorrectly or with too much hesitation.  Words should be read with automaticity. In the example below, the child read 19/20 sight words on list one correctly with no hesitation (green cards) and 18/20 sight words on list two (pink cards). The word said was read incorrectly on list one. The words have and with were read incorrectly on list two.   Continue the lists until 4 or more words are read incorrectly. It is helpful to use different color index cards for the different lists. 
Review and Practice with Bingo Cards - Printable Cards Below
Assessment Forms for the 11 Sight Word Lists
Lists 7-11
Printable Bingo Cards
Fill in Bingo Cards to be Used as Determined
Video with all sight word lists - Have children practice reading the lists on each slide or the slides with lists children have mastered.

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