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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Learning How To Alphabetize

Alphabetical Order - learning how to alphabetize is a needed skill.  Bibliographies, indexes, glossaries, and organizing files are a few examples of how alphabetizing is used in everyday life. I have found that many second, third, and fourth grade students do not know how to alphabetize. Students are often amazed how easy it is.  I begin with a few simple words that begin with different letters. I then introduce alphabetizing to the second letter and beyond when students have to look at the second letter or third letter of each word to alphabetize the words.
Reference Chart - Introducing Alphabetical Order (words with different beginning letters) 
Reference  Chart  - alphabetizing to the second letter

Practice Paper - Students write the words in alphabetical order on a separate sheet of paper.  They cross off each word they write.  They can also use the alphabet chart below when alphabetizing the words.

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