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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Free Printable Sorting CVC, Vowel Pairs, Consonant Blends, and Digraphs Activity Worksheets and Video

Create Letter Tile Activities - the manipulation of colored tiles to make words. Free printable sorting activity worksheets are included to provide students with additional practice making CVC and CVC silent e words, vowel pairs, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, and r-controlled words.  A template sheet is also included for sorting activities that can be filled in for what you are currently teaching.  Just print out the template and fill it in the categories and words that you want children to practice.  Below is a video with additional activities, a game board template and game cards.

               Example of Making CVC, CVC silent e, consonant digraphs, and vowel pairs. The manipulation of colored tiles reinforces sound-letter associations for reading, spelling and writing.  In our example green represents consonants, yellow represent vowels, purple represents consonant digraphs, and blue represents vowel pairs.

 CVC and CVC silent e Practice
Vowel Pair Practice
Consonant Blend Practice
Consonant Digraph Practice
R-Controlled Vowel Practice
Template to Fill In For Skills Your Are Currently Teaching
Free Printable Game Board an Word Cards

Video with Additional Practice Activities

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